Europe, Africa and Food Security : European policies, biofuels and land grabbing.

Europe, Africa and Food Security : European policies, biofuels and land grabbing.

Date, lieu, heure :
- Tuesday 28 February 2012
- 9.15 – 16.30 pm
- Brussels, House of Dutch Auditorium (Philippe de Champagnestraat, 23)

A dialogue between European authorities and Civil Society

Co-organised by EuropAfrica-toward food sovereignty and CONCORD European Food Security Group

-  Introduction (10:00-10 :45)
- Official welcome – Danish presidency of the European Union (to be confirmed)
- Food Security and Rural development in Africa : EU priorities and new policy guidelines - Rural Development, Food Security and Nutrition Unit, Directorate General Development and Cooperation (DEVCO)
- European policy coherence targeting food security in Africa : monitoring exercise by European civil society organisations in partnership with African farmers organisations - EuropAfrica
- Influence on land grabbing in Africa of European policies related to biofuels (10:45 – 12:30)
- The EuropAfrica 2011 report : the influence of European policies on land grabbing in Africa with a focus on biofuels – Food First Information and Action Network (FIAN)
- Presentation of African case studies African continental and regional producers’ networks (PAFO, ROPPA, EAFF)
- Responses by European and African Authorities and debate (14:00-16:00)
- Directorate General Development and Cooperation
- Directorate General Energy and Transport
- Directorate General Trade
- Directorate General Agriculture and Rural Development
- European External Action Service
- European Investment Bank
- EU Working Group on Land Issues
- European Parliament
- ACP Committee of Ambassadors
- Concluding session (16.00 -16.30)
- Proposals emerging from the presentations and the debate and follow-up
- Closing remarks by the CONCORD and European Union presidencies

Programme (PDF - 64.8 ko)

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